We offer exceptional service with complimentary hugs.

Web design

We put special attention to the smallest details and make sure your users feel more comfortable browsing your website.

Web development

There should be more to the website than just a pretty face. We build power systems that run the show.

mobile design

We make sure all your content is delivered right into the palms of humanity.

Graphic design

Traditional media is still here for some time. We create beautiful pieces of design that transmits your message.

Web marketing

In the era of digital noise, you need someone with the bullhorn shouting your message from the rooftops.

Web hosting

Everybody needs a home. We provide a fast and reliable home for your digital content.

Branding and logo design

We create a unique brand visual language.

Social media marketing

Social media is word of mouth on steroids, let us mingle instead of you.

Resume/job services

Everyone's career deserves to be presented in a stellar and memorable package.

Video and motion graphics

Video creation and marketing, video ads, animated logo creation, motion graphic elements, motion graphic design.


Some of the work we did over the years.

Hopscotch Bar

Web Design

Marble and Grain

Web Design

SMI group

Web Design

Simple grupa

Web Design

Walt and Burley

Web design

Be My Guest

Web design

Tragurion Travel

Web design


Web design

Red adventures

Web design

Conex trade

Web design

Book it simply

Web design

PayBox POS iPad App

Mobile app design

Macy's Thanksgiving day parade 2012 iOS App

Mobile app design

Uncover Android App

Mobile app design

Superb Food Android App

Mobile app design

Migraine Buddy Android App

Mobile app design

MyCityWay City Guide

Mobile app design

UpFire iOS App

Mobile app design

There is a spiritual aspect to our lives. When we give, we receive. When a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them!

Who are we?

Mountain Services is a small e-commerce consulting company that caters to the specialized needs of other companies to optimize, streamline, and improve their business functions. Services can be performed locally or through e-commerce online methods. Just like a mountain, our corporation will have a strong foundation of services that will provide high values, expectations, goals, and morals.

Mountain Services will provide high quality services to other companies that will be as broad or as specialized as the client company asks for and these needs are determined when an initial assessment is performed.

Tracy Tran

Founder and CEO of Mountain Sevices

Tracy is a highly motivated entrepreneur and will wow you with her diverse background in engineering, writing, sales, technology, and interpersonal skills. She has the ability to problem-solve, self-teach, and learn new concepts fast. She will make sure your project gets delivered on time and in the best possible quality.

Slaven Beram

Creative Director

Slaven combines his knowledge and expertise in UI/UX design, vast web marketing experience, and the goals of the clients' business to deliver world class user experience to your client base.

Ile Jugovski

UI/UX and Mobile Director

With an understanding of the user's psychology and his passion for UI/UX design, Ile has delivered great product experience for a lot of Startups and also for big brands.

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